Surbhi Kalavrund

Words From Artistic Director "SURBHI RANINGA"

I have always held the belief that through Art and Grassroots efforts our young people can transform this country. Whether rich or poor, the next generation has the power to change this world. The broad spectrum of our activities and their success rate speak about dedicated work done by SURBHI KALAVRUND. I am happy to say, we have been blessed with generous students and a dedicated team, due to which our expectations have surpassed. SURBHI KALAVRUND is on a mission. A mission that will change India for the better. As inspiration and dancer and a great artist herself My Mom & My Sister, i am very lucky to have real Kohinoors in my life. Reminiscing over their long and difficult journey, i would say, “The riskier, the better” as they took the biggest risk of their life only to emerge this institution successfully.Hence my Mool Mantra for Life is "Art is life.... we should celebrate it with joy and passion... Join us in this celebration. Art is within you, you just need to let it out.”

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