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Why Should I Study Performing Arts at Surbhi Kalavrund?

It can be really difficult choosing which university to study at. Surbhi Kalavrund offers many, varied courses in the entertainment industry but I personally chose to study Performing Arts (Film, TV and Stage). Here are a few reasons why I enjoy the course and I would recommend it to anyone!


  • Learn a wide range of skills - With this course, you don’t just learn how to perform. You get to improve your techniques in many other areas of the performing arts world like camera work, directing, sound, lighting, producing and stage managing.
  • Collaborate - The course is based on collaboration. There are lots of opportunities to work with people both inside and outside of your class. This gives you a sense of what it’s like to work in the industry, as well as meeting new people and working on your skills.
  • Work with industry professionals - Industry professionals come in to do workshops and panels. These are extremely valuable as it enables you to meet people working in the industry. You’ll also get insider knowledge about the best route to take to get to your chosen career.
  • Freedom - Within the assignments there is a lot of freedom to be creative and you can choose what you want to focus on. You’ll be able to put your own spin on things and create original work.
  • Confidence building - This course has lots of different aspects, and these can really help build confidence. You’ll learn how to direct and devise performances, helping to grow your confidence and allowing you to trust yourself in your creative decisions.
  • It’s fun! - I love my course! I find it really fun and interesting. I go into my lectures knowing that I will learn something and have fun in the process.

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